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Our approach is to combine scientific and other forms of knowledge along with personal experiences when approaching sustainability challenges. Positive and negative lessons can be shared to support learning and sustainable innovations.

We do this through our projects page, where we apply our TDE Model to grassroots projects. Through building a community striving towards similar goals, we hope to create a share space space of learning and knowledge exchange.

Clean Bubbles

Bringing together practice and science to create shared knowledge

Our TDE Model

TDE stands for Thinkers, Doers and Educators; people who have different types of expertise and ideas. Because of traditional practices, these different sectors tend to operate on their own and miss out on many valuable opportunities. We're here to change that. 


Reflective and critical thinkers are essential to our society.​
They analyse the challenges of society and dream about a better future. ​We need thinkers for their visions of a better future and their analytical skills and framings to assess how we can push forward incremental or radical innovations.


Doers are an important foundation to our society's development. They help build the world we live in and implement innovative ideas to make our dreams a reality.​ They also support incremental and radical innovations​ by building connections and bringing together resources to push forward change.


Educators openly share their knowledge, world views and learning experience with others through formal and informal ways. They help build connections between thinking and doing. Our society needs innovative educators who are also opened to different learning experiences to support the thinkers and doers of our society.

Innolab Space understands the importance of bringing together businesses, communities and individuals
to tackle the sustainability challenges we're facing.

Are you a thinker, a doer or an educator? Are you simply passionate sustainable development? Reach out and get involved!

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