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Dripping Paint

Our hope is to create an experimental space that welcomes diversity of ideas and experiences to foster creativity and innovation

Innolab Space started shaping into an idea when our two co-directors, Jenny and Luis, wanted to bridge the gap between traditionally academic spheres and spheres championing social and environmental causes.

They decided to create a space which merges difference spheres of expertise to find innovative solutions to age-old challenges.


Our Mission

Bringing together people of different backgrounds to create an experimental space for change through sustainable social, technical, business and policy innovations.

Creating a dedicated experimental space for innovation that promotes sustainability practices and addresses UN Sustainable Development Goals  by supporting bottom-up innovations and bringing together stakeholders and different forms knowledge to inform decision making spaces.

Our Vision

Our Values

Every project we engage in takes on socially, environmentally and economically sustainable approaches and respects diversity including the priorities, interests and needs of individuals and communities.

We jointly tackle complex sustainability challenges through collaborative and inclusive approaches integrating different forms of knowledge from science, practice and experience.


Jenny Lieu


Policy & Learning

Jenny Lieu smooth area.jpeg

Jenny is our Co-director and is based in the Netherlands.
She is interested in nearly anything related to sustainability, especially with social and environmental justice. She has experience working in academia, industry, and policy, and likes making connections across these spaces. She enjoys cooking, music and spending time outdoors and is also a dog lover.

Our team
Luis D. Virla


Technology & Innovation


Luis is our Co-director and is living in Calgary. He is originally from Maracaibo, Venezuela. Luis passionate about technology and policy innovations focused on sustainable development. Luis loves art + water, plays the saxophone and the flute, and enjoys meeting new people to learn new things.

Spring Liao

Operations & Financial

Link-in profile -spring-1.jpg

Spring Liao-Eng, Finance and Operation Coordinator currently resides with her family in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
She has spent most of her career in accounting and taxation, having held positions with public accounting firm, industrial corporation and publicly listed mortgage investment company. Spring is inspired to non-profit work with her desire of transforming her skills and abilities to value-added activities to the society.

Cecilia Zhang

Design & Communications

Screen Shot 2019-06-02 at 3.10.58 PM.png

Cecilia is our visual and communications designer based in New York. Her design work focuses on marketing for social awareness and branding that changes ideas on social marginalization, whether through creating healthcare campaigns for stigmatized groups to working on the approachability of an academic platform.

She is an impatient optimist and buys too many used books. 

Chelsey Greene

Research Project Manager


Chelsey is our research project manager based in Calgary, Alberta. She is a dedicated ecologist and sustainability specialist, passionate about connecting industrial-ecology systems through integrating clean technologies and nature-based solutions. Chelsey spends her free time exploring the Rocky Mountains on her mountain bike. 

Fengli Wang


Fengli pic.jpg

Fengli is a researcher living in Calgary. She has multi-disciplinary work experience in solar cells, thin films, materials characterisation, nano-fabrication, corrosion, electrochemical and chemical engineering. Her new interest is linking energy and environmental issues. She likes to plant vegetables and flowers because they bring fresh air, fresh food, honeybees and butterflies.  Fengli also like hiking and swimming.  

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