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Phase 2: Science education for young minds

La Sierra, Colombia

Project leads: Paloma Bernal and supported by Patricia Bernal

Volunteers supporting the project: Yoshi Casas


We are currently seeking funds to support this project.

Please contact us if you're interested in donating to help realise this project.

Patrica leading the workshops and having fun with the students!

Based on the Science education for children in La Sierra, Colombia Phase I, we are working to provide regular workshops in the region. Our ambition is to co-develop a sustainable programme with the community.

The next workshop is planned for September 2019 where we will discuss with the community their needs and create a longer term plan. The aim is to support children's education, to ensure they are interested and remain in school and to mentor those who need extra support.

There are also wider community needs for income generation including improving agriculture practices and supporting links to the market. We hope the visit will give us a better idea of how we can work together to build sustainable communities.

The visit will allow us to assess the resources needed to

We aim to carry out the following activities in the next visit:

• Carry out electronic Workshops: carry out regular workshops around 4-6 times/year for 2-5 days each time

• Gather new insights: teach students things they don’t usually learn at school: e.g. there are various ways of innovation and that they can be innovators

• Search for mentoring opportunities: we want to focus particularly on teenagers, some who dropped out of school due to economic challenges

• Continue research: we would like to carry out surveys related to technical support to develop methods to help communities run projects on their own with the required resources

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