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Collaboration across different sectors is at the heart of what we do

At Innolab Space, we build a community
of people passionate about social and environmental sustainability problems


We bring together thinkers, doers and 
educators and build a knowledge community of personal experience and insight, backed with research and data to further social innovation. Through collaborative and interdisciplinary practice, we have the
ability to make our future better. 

LANDMARC: Land use based Mitigation for Resilient Climate pathways

Our contribution to LANDMARC: The purpose of this initiative is to adopt a portfolio of nature-based solutions to minimize greenhouse gas emissions in Canada.  We will then develop a national LMT portfolio and analyse the socio-economic potential of nature-based solutions and innovative techniques to absorb excess greenhouse gas from the atmosphere. Together with Indigenous groups, local communities, lawmakers, company owners, and industry leaders, we will explore strategies to minimise carbon dioxide emissions in Canada.

We are currently seeking funding to support this project

Forest Lake
Industrial Smoke

TIPPING + : Enabling Positive Tipping Points towards clean-energy transitions in Coal and Carbon Intensive Region

Our contribution to TIPPING+: we are exploring different pathways for carbon intensive regions in Alberta to switch to low carbon energy transformations and the impact on Alberta's and Canada's wider economic and socio-ecological systems. Our goals are to:
- make policy recommendations to support a sustainable transition in Alberta.
- utilise the knowledge collected to find more successful tipping points and uncover cultural influences on SEPs (SETPs).
- collaborate with scholars and policymakers worldwide to learn from both positive and negative lessons on sustainable transitions 

We are currently seeking funding to support this project.

Phase 2: Science education for young minds

La Sierra, Colombia

Based on the Science education for children in in June this year, we are working to provide regular science education workshops in the region. Our ambition is to co-develop a sustainable programme with the community.

We are currently seeking funding to support this project. 


We provide opportunities to mentor students to provide academic and career support for Masters and PhD students. This reciprocating learning process add value to both the Mentor and Mentee who can take the experience through the mentorship and applied in other aspects of life.


The power of people working towards a like minded goal can change the world. 

Help us imagine a more sustainable future. 

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