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LANDMARC: Land use based Mitigation for Resilient Climate pathways

Updated: Oct 29, 2021

LANDMARC is an international research program on land utilization (nature-based) technology and practices. The project includes 16 case studies from Asia, Africa, Europe, and North America. The goal of the study is to see how much Carbon dioxide the earth's surface can absorb and investigate how land use and technology affect the environment, especially its ability to absorb greenhouse gases.

Visit: https://landmarc.squarespace.com/about to read more about the project.


Our contribution to LANDMARC: The purpose of this initiative is to adopt a portfolio of nature-based solutions to minimize greenhouse gas emissions in Canada. We will then develop a national LMT portfolio and analyze the socio-economic potential of nature-based solutions and innovative techniques to absorb excess greenhouse gas from the atmosphere. Together with Indigenous groups, local communities, lawmakers, company owners, and industry leaders, we will explore strategies to minimize carbon dioxide emissions in Canada.


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