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Higher education mentoring

Updated: Aug 24, 2019

Do you have interesting life experience and would like to mentor bright minds? If so contact us!

Are you a bright mind in and would like to be mentored? If so, get in touch with us!

We provide opportunities to mentor students to provide academic and career support for Masters and PhD students. We’re also mentoring young school age students (see Project 100) in English and hope to expand this to rural communities in Colombia.

Mentoring is a two way interaction where the Mentor provides guidance and support and the Mentee gains from the Mentor’s life experience. The Mentee also provide learning opportunities for the Mentor and educates the Mentor on the challenges the Mentee faces in her/his local context.

This reciprocating learning process add value to both the Mentor and Mentee who can take the experience through the mentorship and applied in other aspects of life.

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