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TIPPING + :Indicators for Clean Energy Transition in Coal and Carbon Intensive Regions

Updated: Oct 29, 2021

Tipping Plus is a research project designed to promote a successful renewable energy transition in coal and carbon-intensive regions.

The 2020 project seeks to investigate why regions high in coal and carbon adopt low-carbon energy policies.

It will also seek to find the impacts of such changes on regional economies and human-environmental systems. 

Further study will be used to determine effective tipping measures for adopting low-carbon, clean energy reforms in other places. Visit: https://tipping-plus.eu/home


Our contribution to TIPPING+: we are exploring different pathways for carbon-intensive regions in Alberta to switch to low carbon energy transformations and the impact on Alberta's and Canada's wider economic and socio-ecological systems. Our goals are to: - make policy recommendations to support a sustainable transition in Alberta. - utilize the knowledge collected to find more successful tipping points and uncover cultural influences on SEPs (SETPs). - collaborate with scholars and policymakers worldwide to learn from both positive and negative lessons on sustainable transitions

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